The exporting company

The Russian enterprise «Arkhangelsk woodworking factory №1» is situated in the regional center of the Arkhangelsk region which is in the north of Russia and famous with it's so called «green gold» – the wood. Because of the cruel climate of the North the coniferous wood is characterized by such unique qualities as durability and wear resistance. Even in Soviet period the Arkhangelsk region was one of the largest wood and sawn timber suppliers for the whole Russia and the Soviet republics.

The factory production


Thanks to European standard, a classic sort of Russian timber production – “lining” has initiated the export of the new type of construction timber – «eurolining» to the European market. It differs from it's progenitor by clearer standards to the plank’s size of the plank.

Rectangular timber imitation

It’s a profiled plank which only imitates the beam for interior and exterior decoration of the buildings. In course of work there are only modern high-precision rectangular timber imitation technologies such as solid wood planning. It allows minimizing defects and wasting in course of production.


Carefully selected flooring board is hermetically packed for export. It absolutely complies with European quality Standards. Nowadays euro-floor is the leader among natural, environmentally friendly materials for flooring.

Block House

A popular type of timber in Russia, which makes your house aesthetically beautiful as it was built from logs. Different radius of the plank outer surface allows you to use it for both internal and external finishing.

Smooth planning

Dry planed unshaped plank is a universal timber which can be used in building, making furniture and finishing. Sometimes smooth planning is exchanged by a fence plank. It is a classic type of timber.


This type of timber can be turned out planed and not planed. Its width and height correspond with 100 and 200 mm. It’s widely used in building as finishing. The bar is also very popular in furniture manufacturing.

Timber export in 2015

In 2015 the Russian enterprise «Arkhangelsk woodworking factory №1» has achieved a new level of development and has started successful cooperation with a lot of companies from CIS, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe. The timber export share has increased significantly because of the infrastructure improvement. It has influenced the quality of finished goods.

25% It is the exact part of the whole industrial products that was exported to Europe, Asia and CIS in 2015.

The most of the industrial products are made out of conifers such as spruce and pine which wood moisture content is about 12%-14%.

Our company has been working in timber industry more than 10 years. If you are interested in our products’ realization in your country we would be pleased to cooperate.

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